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Tips For The Forgetful Businessman

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As a businessman you may be forgetting things that are vital. Its understandable, we all do it. Forgetfulness is a fault that we all face and there really isn’t much we can do about that. One thing we can do however is put steps into place that makes forgetting things a little less difficult. Here are a few tips that will save you some time:

Replacement Keys

In business there will always be important documents that you need to keep safe hence why everything is under lock and key. The only problem that follows is if you lose your keys. That’s where a locksmith comes in handy. They’ll help provide replacement locks for office furniture.325

Saving Documents Online

We all think off saving documents on pen drives or even on our own computer, the truth is though your safest bet is to save documents online through tools such as dropbox or even emailing it to yourself. This means you can access important business information from almost any device.syncbox_transparent

Keep Copies

Photocopying or scanning will become your best friend as a businessman. Always make copies of important documents that way the initial copy that may be extremely important will always be safe.copy-of-a-copy

Have Someone To Call

If ever you’re in a sticky situation and you’ve forgotten something important that could potentially lose you money it is always a good idea to have someone to call.So whether it’s your partner or maybe even your personal secretary always have someone that will have your back.Landlord-Emergency-Cover1

Don’t Forget!

If you are a forgetful person in general put steps in hand the first time to prevent you from having any issues in the future. For example set reminders or put events in your calendar to even packing your bags in advance.MAC242.top10.6_settingup-250-100

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Photobooth Hire For Your Christmas Work Celebration

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Summer is over and your staff are probably feeling it. The winter blues is kicking in and it’s often in cold weather that people lose the will to work as hard. The days get longer and so every task seem longer and drawn out. So why not give them something to look forward to?

Christmas parties tend to have a poor reputation amongst coworkers and bosses. Either they go horribly wrong or they almost go too right. There’s always someone who ends up in a and e or some scrupulous gossip that circuits the office the next day. So if you are thinking of holding a Christmas party for your staff why not do it properly. Give your staff a break and they’re guaranteed to work a lot harder.

Firstly although alcohol may make things a lot more fun, it doesn’t mean that it’s always the best idea. So why not stick to light alcoholic drinks until everyone goes out after. Introducing drinking games to the mix is a fun way to break the ice and get everyone working together.

Another great icebreaker at a Christmas party is hiring a photo booth for Christmas. It’s a great way to bring people together and produces some funny photos for your staff to look at the next day. OMG Photo booth Rental London always provide props with their photo booth packages, which makes it ten times more interesting. I mean who doesn’t love colourful wigs and giant sunglasses?

Finally a Christmas party isn’t a party without great music. Try and stay varied with music choice as not everyone’s tastes are the same. But sure enough have music and people will dance.Christmas-Photo-Booth-1

Check if OMG cover your area, they’re new into Surrey & Norfolk.

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5 Lessons For Lawyers Beginning Their Practical Life

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No one gives you a handbook when you begin your legal profession. A lot of what you should understand isn’t explained to to you. A lot of what you should understand is picked up the costly way, usually from making errors. Occasionally you’re being examined on how well you do while nobody provides directions and often it is just the truth that nobody is offering you any guidelines.

At times you aren’t prepared for the lesson. At times you believe you understand the lesson, however you afterwards recognize that there is another lesson which you were unable to find out till later. A few lessons are unpleasant, however several result from other attorney’s nicely conveying their experience.

So here are Five lessons which will certainly help you on our path to becoming a good lawyer.

1. Study the culture. Your most significant task from the moment you take a job is to study the culture of the firm you’re becoming a member of. Even though many people concentrate a lot on finding the job that they don’t observe much about the traditions of an organization before they begin, it’s a wise decision to make some observations regarding the traditions of an organization even in the interviews. When you begin working at an organization, you need to put much work into understanding the culture of the organization.

2. Start searching for an advisor. The thing that must be clear to anyone is that your achievement and satisfaction in law or some other career depends upon locating and sustaining mentor interactions. In the long run, locating an advisor is the most essential thing you can achieve while beginning your employment.

3. You receive all the remarks you request. Remarks indicates various things to various individuals. It is another factor why understanding the culture of your organization and the characteristics of different lawyers is really vital. Several lawyers will express nothing regarding your job and attempt to provide you with a lot more tasks. For you, this could be annoying. In their imagination, they’ve provided the best form of feed back. “If I did not appreciate the effort, I would not let them have more work.” They do not understand that the majority of us have to hear it.

4. Compose for the proper audience. Nothing gets new attorneys in more difficulty than composing for the incorrect audience. A lawyer who desires a 3 page memo will not be pleased with a memo that seems like a legislation review report, regardless of how great it might be. Composing for customers is a skill. Regrettably, none of this is usually studied in school.

5. Find out the lines of chit chat and be cautious. Oftentimes young lawyers and summer associates discuss the travails of their romantic endeavors, their recent hangover, and teenage indiscretions with the same employees who’re more than likely to pass on the tale everywhere and to possibly change or decorate it along the way. Use common sense. In any organization, you need to think that the private secrets you reveal can make the rounds of the organization rapidly in a rather altered manner which will highlight the scandalous elements. That isn’t a remark on anyone or any organization; it simply occurs.

Understanding the legislation required to perform your work is tough enough, however do not ignore the work you must do to understand how to apply legislation. Be watchful, listen diligently and try your presumptions. You’ll have a lot of errors from which you can discover a lot of your own lessons, however consider these lessons.

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A Lesson in Law at Schenectady High School

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Criminal Lawyer Thomas Carr teamed up with Schenectady High School to celebrate law day, and provide local students with a lesson in law. This year’s theme was “The Legacy of John Adams: From Boston to Guantanamo.” Tom Carr focuses on representation of unpopular clients of all walks of life, from the 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing suspect to Guantanamo Bay detainees.

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Work Team Building Ideas

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Though working in an office isn’t completely quiet and it is possible to get to know your colleague team building does exactly what is says on the tin. It is a great way to solidify the working relationship and it is guaranteed that it will improve your working in the office. Ideas for teambuilding can be quite difficult as it really comes down to what your staff enjoy. But here are a few ideas to get the ball rolling.

Laser Tag

Laser tag really is a great team bonding. It teaches you to work together and plus what isn’t to love? Fair enough its fairly violent but in an office you need to be driven, laser tag can provide you with this characteristic.barney_stinson_laser_tag


People who share their love of food are bound to get along. A dinner is a more quiet and relaxed atmosphere where staff can talk and get to know each other. The fact it is out of office and hours makes it an atmosphere that is more relaxed.dinnerparty_1511420c


Although it is not particularly the most professional of past times alcohol is a great way to see what staff really are like. As long as it is in moderation drinking can relax staff and get each other talking.anigif_enhanced-buzz-13446-1401882307-17

Theme Park

For thrill seekers visiting a theme park is a great team building exercise. It’s a fun day out of the office and going on rides together really does create an bond. Besides the thrill will again get your staff pumped an ready to work.latest

Bubble Football

Some say that sports are not the right way to go when it comes to team building. It often gets way too competitive which could eventually lead to an argument. With bubble football London it is completely different. Bubble football is a sport in which groups attempt to play football whilst their upper bodies are covered by zorbs or bubbles. The competitiveness is completely stripped from the sport as having a full football game is pretty much impossible. Instead bumping into each other is the more fun option.Outdoor-Bubble-Football1

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