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Why you need a national insurance card

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Get to know some facts or realities about the National Insurance card

Have you heard about the National Insurance Number? You don’t seem to have much idea about, right? The article will help you to gain knowledge about it. Read through and know about the facts of NI card.

Whether you have just shifted to the UK or seeking for better jobs in the country, you will understand why you need a National Insurance Card during your stay. It is not a mandatory rule or law of the UK government for issuing the National Insurance card or NI card, but if you want to seek the tax deduction benefits and not pay the higher emergency taxes, possessing the NI card is recommended for the foreign working employees.

What happens during the Evidence of Identity interview?

When you are asked to attend the EOI interview, you will be questioned about your conditions and the reasons behind or why you need a National Insurance Card. You have to give the valid reasons for the need of applying. Usually the overseas working people are allowed to apply for the Ni card, or those who are applying for jobs in the UK. You need to show enough evidences of your job for applying the NI card. It is during the interview, when you are usually notified with the tenure of time that will be required to receive the National Insurance number and the card.

What are the documents that you’re asked to carry during the interview?

In order to prove your real or actual identity, you are asked to bring certain official documents to prove your personal identity. Some of the legal documents that are accepted:

  • Passport
  • Birth certificate or adoption papers and documents
  • The residence permit
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Driving license
  • Employee letter or Employee ID card

It is recommended that you must carry the above mentioned documents along with you while you are scheduled for the EOI interview in order to get your National Insurance card.

What happens when you lose or misplace your National Insurance Card?

Due to unwanted circumstances, a situation might pop up where you unfortunately lose your National Insurance Card. It is indeed a matter of panic or concern in the normal scenario, but you will be happy to know that there are alternatives available, and you don’t have to face a lot of harassment for the same. When you already have a registered NI card, but lost it, you will be able to get the details of it on your payslips, tax letters or P60 and even on your pension and benefits.

Call the helpline numbers and seek for assistance

Moreover, in case you have the personal tax account, you can view there as well. If there is a situation when you are still not able to find the NI number, you can either make a call to the National Insurance helpline numbers or fill the CA5403 form and submit it. You will receive your NI number and can apply for a replaced card as well.

What if you are not notified before 16 years for the NI card?

When you are born or a resident of the United Kingdom, the HM Revenue and the Customs Department notifies every child before their 16th birthday with the NI card number. In case, you have turned 16, but below 20, and still not received your NI number, you should seek the assistance of the National Insurance helplines.

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