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What to look for in a Cycle Lawyer

Written by Scott

Passionate About Cycling

Lawyers who are passionate about cycling understand what it’s like to cycle these days since they experience it first-hand. They also see how cyclists are treated when they meet an accident on the road, so as a cyclist themselves they know the pain of prejudices against cyclists.


If you’re looking for a lawyer, you’d want one that is responsive. If your guy is not responding to any of your inquiries, won’t engage in a discussion about your case using being busy as an excuse, or always misses an appointment with you, that should be a clear red flag to you. It means this particular lawyer is not isn’t committed with your case and sees it simply as case number nth.

Research And Investigation Skills

A cycle injury lawyer from Osbornes Cycle Injuries isn’t all about the briefcase, suit, and court room presence. They should be able to do extensive research and investigation effectively because such skills are necessary to win just about any case. How do you expect a lawyer to win a case if he can’t dig through information and know how to work with investigators, witnesses and other entities involve in the case in order to get enough evidences to back you up?

Good Speaker

Lawyers do a lot of talking when the case starts rolling, of yours stutters, has a shaky voice that could indicate lack of confident, or has a very weak voice, don’t expect to win the case. Even if you have all the proof that says you’re right if he can’t speak clearly and concisely he won’t be able to convince neither the judge nor the jury.

Good Listener

Aside from talking, it’s also vital that the cycle lawyer that you’re working with knows how to listen. Otherwise, he won’t be able to get and interpret all the vital information from you and the other people that may help your case, accordingly.

Extensive Knowledge In Cycling Law

This should be self-explanatory but to put it simply, a cycle lawyer has to know the in and out of cycling laws for him to be able to represent your case. How can he explain in the existing law for cycling is in your favour if he doesn’t know the law himself?

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