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Tips for the forgetful businessman

Written by Scott

As a businessman, you may be forgetting things that are vital. It’s understandable, we all do it. Forgetfulness is a fault that we all face and there really isn’t much we can do about that. One thing we can do however is put steps into place that makes forgetting things a little less difficult. Here are a few tips that will save you some time:

Replacement Keys

In business there will always be important documents that you need to keep safe hence why everything is under lock and key. The only problem that follows is if you lose your keys. That’s where a locksmith comes in handy. They’ll help provide replacement locks for office furniture.

Saving Documents Online

We all think off saving documents on pen drives or even on our own computer, the truth is though your safest bet is to save documents online through tools such as Dropbox or even emailing it to yourself. This means you can access important business information from almost any device. Another way to save your documents safely is through Robotic Process Automation from Thoughtonomy. This software is able to keep your documents safe and complete them boring tasks you don’t want to do.

Keep Copies

Photocopying or scanning will become your best friend as a businessman. Always make copies of important documents that way the initial copy that may be extremely important will always be safe.

Have Someone To Call

If ever you’re in a sticky situation and you’ve forgotten something important that could potentially lose you money it is always a good idea to have someone to call. So whether it’s your partner or maybe even your personal secretary always have someone that will have your back.

Don’t Forget!

If you are a forgetful person in general put steps in hand the first time to prevent you from having any issues in the future. For example set reminders or put events in your calendar to even packing your bags in advance.

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