Photobooth hire for your Christmas work celebration

Written by Scott

Summer is over and your staff are probably feeling it. The winter blues is kicking in and it’s often in cold weather that people lose the will to work as hard. The days get longer and so every task seem longer and drawn out. So why not give them something to look forward to?

Christmas parties tend to have a poor reputation amongst co-workers and bosses. Either they go horribly wrong or they almost go too right. There’s always someone who ends up in a and e or some scrupulous gossip that circuits the office the next day. So if you are thinking of holding a Christmas party for your staff why not do it properly. Give your staff a break and they’re guaranteed to work a lot harder.

Firstly although alcohol may make things a lot more fun, it doesn’t mean that it’s always the best idea. So why not stick to light alcoholic drinks until everyone goes out after. Introducing drinking games to the mix is a fun way to break the ice and get everyone working together.

Another great icebreaker at a Christmas party is hiring a photo booth for Christmas. It’s a great way to bring people together and produces some funny photos for your staff to look at the next day. OMG Photo booth Rental London always provide props with their photo booth packages, which makes it ten times more interesting. I mean who doesn’t love colourful wigs and giant sunglasses?

Finally a Christmas party isn’t a party without great music. Try and stay varied with music choice as not everyone’s tastes are the same. But sure enough have music and people will dance.

Check if OMG cover your area, they’re new into Surrey & Norfolk.

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