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Preparing for cycling to work in winter

Written by Scott

With weather conditions becoming harsher over winter, and with daylight hours decreasing, cycling to work is becoming more difficult. However, for those without personal transport methods such as cars, it is necessary.

  • One of the first things you should make sure you do is look for a cycle accident solicitors. This will ensure that you are covered for any damage to your bicycle or for any injuries during difficult weather conditions such as high winds or ice.
  • Maintain your bicycle. Take it for a service check at your local repairs shop and ensure that all components are working well and fully functioning. If any parts are slightly damaged, ensure that they are fixed, as winter conditions are likely to worsen the damage.
  • Cycle with a helmet. Over 85% of injuries could be prevented if cyclists were to wear their helmets. With icier conditions, accidents are more likely to occur. Therefore, you are more at risk on the roads, and wearing a helmet is vital to protecting yourself.
  • High visibility wear is also likely to prevent injury, as you are more visible to motorists on the roads. This can include jackets or even simple reflectors on your bicycle.
  • Where possible, stick to well-lit areas, so that you stay visible. Although reflectors and high visibility jackets increase your visibility, you are guaranteed to be safer when in light-flooded areas.
  • Carry a tyre pump. With snowy conditions, rough terrain is less noticeable, and you can easily puncture a tyre. By carrying a pump, you can keep it fairly inflated until you get home.

With careful cycling and road awareness, cycling in winter is still possible and can be enjoyable. Simply prepare for bad conditions, and keep your wits about you!

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