Why you need a national insurance card

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Why you need a national insurance card

Get to know some facts or realities about the National Insurance card

Have you heard about the National Insurance Number? You don’t seem to have much idea about, right? The article will help you to gain knowledge about it. Read through and know about the facts of NI card.

Whether you have just shifted to the UK or seeking for better jobs in the country, you will understand why you need a National Insurance Card during your stay. It is not a mandatory rule or law of the UK government for issuing the National Insurance card or NI card, but if you want to seek the tax deduction benefits and not pay the higher emergency taxes, possessing the NI card is recommended for the foreign working employees.

What happens during the Evidence Of Identity interview?

When you are asked to attend the EOI interview, you will be questioned about your conditions and the reasons behind or why you need a National Insurance Card. You have to give the valid reasons for the need of applying. Usually the overseas working people are allowed to apply for the Ni card, or those who are applying for jobs in the UK. You need to show enough evidences of your job for applying the NI card. It is during the interview, when you are usually notified with the tenure of time that will be required to receive the National Insurance number and the card.

What are the documents that are asked to carry during the interview?

In order to prove your real or actual identity, you are asked to bring certain official documents to prove your personal identity. Some of the legal documents that are accepted:

  • Passport
  • Birth certificate or adoption papers and documents
  • The residence permit
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Driving license
  • Employee letter or Employee ID card

It is recommended that you must carry the above mentioned documents along with you while you are scheduled for the EOI interview in order to get your National Insurance card.

What happens when you lose or misplace your National Insurance Card?

Due to unwanted circumstances, a situation might pop up where you unfortunately lose your National Insurance Card. It is indeed a matter of panic or concern in the normal scenario, but you will be happy to know that there are alternatives available, and you don’t have to face a lot of harassment for the same. When you already have a registered NI card, but lost it, you will be able to get the details of it on your payslips, tax letters or P60 and even on your pension and benefits.

Call the helpline numbers and seek for assistance

Moreover, in case you have the personal tax account, you can view there as well. If there is a situation when you are still not able to find the NI number, you can either make a call to the National Insurance helpline numbers or fill the CA5403 form and submit it. You will receive your NI number and can apply for a replaced card as well.

What if you are not notified before 16 years for the NI card?

When you are born or a resident of the United Kingdom, the HM Revenue and the Customs Department notifies every child before their 16th birthday with the NI card number. In case, you have turned 16, but below 20, and still not received your NI number, you should seek the assistance of the National Insurance helplines.

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What To Look For In FCA Compliance Firms

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What To Look For In FCA Compliance Firms

FCA authorisation is one of the key issue in the UK, because you just can’t conduct financial business without it. Therefore, you need to know how to comply with the FCA and become authorised, and the one that is going to help you out with that is a FCA compliance firm. This text will tell you all you need to know about how to accomplish such a thing, and all you have to do is read it up.

In order to get FCA authorised by a FCA compliance firm, you first have to find a consultant that is going to help you out in completing every step in the process of acquiring the authorisation. But first, let’s say a thing or two about the FCA and what it actually is. It is a regulatory organization that is completely independent from the Government that regulates the financial companies (or the companies that just deal with financial transactions), and it does it by offering various services to their clients while at the same time maintaining the integrity of the financial market and markets all around the country. This authority also regulates the conduct of financial products that have been linked to marketing in any way. This means that there is a set of minimum standards that each client needs to adhere to; and the authority also places various regulations on the related products. This authority can also conduct its own investigations in order to find out if a firm or an individual isn’t adhering to those standards. Apart from all those powers, the FCA also has another one making it really powerful, and that is banning certain financial products.

Now, let’s get back to the FCA authorisation process. This process is not as simple as some might think, and therefore it demands a professional work that needs to be reviewed over and over again. To understand just how complicated this process is, all we have to do is tell you that the authorisation process can take up to six months, and sometimes even longer than that!

Some people believe that all they have to do is fill out a form and that’s it, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. That’s just a part of the entire process, and the rest of it consists of various policies, procedures, systems and controls. However, once this is completed and a firm receives its authorisation, it is free to do financial work, including financial transactions and others.

These FCA compliance firms, such as Pragmatic Compliance have their own monitoring processes, meaning that if you wish to keep your authorisation, you need to comply with the FCA’s demands at all time. This means that there are no short cuts, and that everything needs to be done by the book. After all, it’s finances we’re talking about here, and that is serious business. Getting an FCA compliance authorisation can be hard, but losing it is really easy, and therefore every firm with it should really adhere to the FCA demands, which really aren’t that difficult to adhere to.

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Professionalism In The Workplace

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Professionalism in business is an essential. In order to gain clients it is important that your business appears professional; this will not only give your business a great reputation but also demonstrate to potential clients that you work efficiently and could gain you more sales in the long run. Here are a few tips on maintaining a professional appearance.


Having a uniform for your workers will demonstrate that you are a united front. It will create the appearance of authority for you as the owner of the business and as a whole will make it look as if your business is a well oiled machine.uniforms-2

Personal Stationery

Whenever potential clients visit your office they are bound to at some point need a pen or another type of stationery. Having personalised stationery through Letterpress means you can create brand awareness, which is great for boosting your reputation and sales.hoban_cards_feb_2015

Regular Meetings

Regular meetings and liaising with your clients shows to your clients that you are dedicated to their business and are willing to put in the effort to provide the best service.business-meeting

Marketing Campaign

Having a great marketing campaign shows that your business is successful enough to afford a marketing campaign in the first place. Also through various marketing methods one can gain a vast amount of clients. The more clients you have the more your business ability is demonstrated to potential clients.Small-Business-Marketing


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What To Look For In A Cycle Lawyer

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Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 17.47.04Passionate About Cycling

Lawyers who are passionate about cycling understand what it’s like to cycle these days since they experience it first-hand. They also see how cyclists are treated when they meet an accident on the road, so as a cyclist themselves they know the pain of prejudices against cyclists.


If you’re looking for a lawyer, you’d want one that is responsive. If your guy is not responding to any of your inquiries, won’t engage in a discussion about your case using being busy as an excuse, or always misses an appointment with you, that should be a clear red flag to you. It means this particular lawyer is not isn’t committed with your case and sees it simply as case number nth.

Research And Investigation Skills

A cycle injury lawyer from Osbornes Cycle Injuries isn’t all about the briefcase, suit, and court room presence. They should be able to do extensive research and investigation effectively because such skills are necessary to win just about any case. How do you expect a lawyer to win a case if he can’t dig through information and know how to work with investigators, witnesses and other entities involve in the case in order to get enough evidences to back you up?

Good Speaker

Lawyers do a lot of talking when the case starts rolling, of yours stutters, has a shaky voice that could indicate lack of confident, or has a very weak voice, don’t expect to win the case. Even if you have all the proof that says you’re right if he can’t speak clearly and concisely he won’t be able to convince neither the judge nor the jury.

Good Listener

Aside from talking, it’s also vital that the cycle lawyer that you’re working with knows how to listen. Otherwise, he won’t be able to get and interpret all the vital information from you and the other people that may help your case, accordingly.

Extensive Knowledge In Cycling Law

This should be self-explanatory but to put it simply, a cycle lawyer has to know the in and out of cycling laws for him to be able to represent your case. How can he explain in the existing law for cycling is in your favor if he doesn’t know the law himself?



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How To Know That You Are In Need Of A Financial Advisor

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moneytree-608-223When it comes to finance taking legal risks can never outweigh the financial benefits. That is why financial advice is something you desperately need for your business.

When You Have No Idea How Much You’re Paying For Your Investments

It’s easy to feel like you’re only gaining from your investment and not paying anything from it. I’m sure if that was true everybody would have jumped into some sort of investment by now. The truth is you are, actually, paying the cost of the investments themselves. If you don’t understand the internal investment expenses and all the other fees that come with it then you really need compliance consultants for fsa to help you understand all of those.

You Just Got Married

It may seem like being married makes your financial status a lot easier. It could be, provided that both your assets and liabilities are all arranged. And that’s not always simple with couples who are trying to work it out as married couple for the first time. Therefore, a consulting a financial advisor is only a logical step during this transition.

Because You’re Unprepared For Down Market

The business you’re in maybe a hit, but any market experiences a down market every five years to seven years which can really strip you financially big time. When this happens and you don’t have some kind of a backup plan or strategy, it could be a struggle to get back on your feet. A financial advisor can help come up with a plan to cope during this time.

You’re Not Confident About Your Savings

Retirement is a serious matter, so it should be planned as early as you can so that you don’t wake up one day at 55 and see yourself unsure if you have enough savings when you retire. The problem is, it may be a little confusing when and how start. Good thing, there are financial advisors to help settle this kind of things so that you can rest assured that your future is secured.

You’re Planning To Make A Career Change

Nowadays, planning to make a career change is not as simple as jumping from one job to another. It actually takes lot more risk and changes than that. It may change your lifestyle and spending habits, your income could fluctuate too which could put your financial stability at risk.

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Tips For The Forgetful Businessman

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As a businessman you may be forgetting things that are vital. Its understandable, we all do it. Forgetfulness is a fault that we all face and there really isn’t much we can do about that. One thing we can do however is put steps into place that makes forgetting things a little less difficult. Here are a few tips that will save you some time:

Replacement Keys

In business there will always be important documents that you need to keep safe hence why everything is under lock and key. The only problem that follows is if you lose your keys. That’s where a locksmith comes in handy. They’ll help provide replacement locks for office furniture.325

Saving Documents Online

We all think off saving documents on pen drives or even on our own computer, the truth is though your safest bet is to save documents online through tools such as dropbox or even emailing it to yourself. This means you can access important business information from almost any device. Another way to save your documents safely is through Robotic Process Automoation from Thoughtonomy. This software is able to keep your documents safe and complete them boring tasks you don’t want to do.syncbox_transparent

Keep Copies

Photocopying or scanning will become your best friend as a businessman. Always make copies of important documents that way the initial copy that may be extremely important will always be safe.copy-of-a-copy

Have Someone To Call

If ever you’re in a sticky situation and you’ve forgotten something important that could potentially lose you money it is always a good idea to have someone to call.So whether it’s your partner or maybe even your personal secretary always have someone that will have your back.Landlord-Emergency-Cover1

Don’t Forget!

If you are a forgetful person in general put steps in hand the first time to prevent you from having any issues in the future. For example set reminders or put events in your calendar to even packing your bags in advance.MAC242.top10.6_settingup-250-100

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Photobooth Hire For Your Christmas Work Celebration

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Summer is over and your staff are probably feeling it. The winter blues is kicking in and it’s often in cold weather that people lose the will to work as hard. The days get longer and so every task seem longer and drawn out. So why not give them something to look forward to?

Christmas parties tend to have a poor reputation amongst coworkers and bosses. Either they go horribly wrong or they almost go too right. There’s always someone who ends up in a and e or some scrupulous gossip that circuits the office the next day. So if you are thinking of holding a Christmas party for your staff why not do it properly. Give your staff a break and they’re guaranteed to work a lot harder.

Firstly although alcohol may make things a lot more fun, it doesn’t mean that it’s always the best idea. So why not stick to light alcoholic drinks until everyone goes out after. Introducing drinking games to the mix is a fun way to break the ice and get everyone working together.

Another great icebreaker at a Christmas party is hiring a photo booth for Christmas. It’s a great way to bring people together and produces some funny photos for your staff to look at the next day. OMG Photo booth Rental London always provide props with their photo booth packages, which makes it ten times more interesting. I mean who doesn’t love colourful wigs and giant sunglasses?

Finally a Christmas party isn’t a party without great music. Try and stay varied with music choice as not everyone’s tastes are the same. But sure enough have music and people will dance.Christmas-Photo-Booth-1

Check if OMG cover your area, they’re new into Surrey & Norfolk.

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